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REPORTED ISSUE: Website loading slow, timing out

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We received several reports that the website was loading extremely slow or timing out (displaying a 522 Cloudflare error).

We have worked with Cloudflare and feel at this time the issue has been resolved.

It is very important to our customers that our website works and functions normally.  Therefore, if you ever experience an issue at our website, please contact us:

Estimated length of time of the reported issue: 3 to 6 hours

Reported at 3PM PST

Resolved at 6PM PST

Source of the issue:  Unknown. Cleared DNS and Cache at Cloudflare and at server-level.  Rebooted server. Website function returned to normal.  NOTE: Some Firefox users are still experiencing slowness.  Suggest to clear Firefox cache or use another internet browser such as Chrome, Edge, or Safari.

Issue resolved.