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NEW! The Collection by

The Collection by

NEW FEATURE: The Collection by

By request, The Collection is a selection of the Best Remixes or Mashups by an Artist or Genre of Music at a discounted rate. (Kinda like an Album)

The Collection will include 10-15 Remixes/Mashups by the Artist or Genre, and include a BONUS Megamix/Medley.

Best of All… Cost is only $5.00 or 5 Credits for Remix Club Members.

We kick off The Collection with Justin Timberlake.  Check it out HERE!  And more to come soon. Support Team

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Sharing The Love – One Remix at a Time Sharing the Love - New Low Prices

We have LOWERED our Regular Prices and Improved our Club Credits.

We Appreciate your continued Support. Support Team

REMIXES: Old Price = $1.25 >> NEW PRICE = $1.00



Old Price = $4.95 / 5 Credits ($0.99 cents per remix)
NEW PRICE = $4.99 / 6 Credits ($0.83 cents per remix)
Expire 30 Days after Purchase
Old Price = $9.95 / 12 Credits ($0.83 cents per remix)
NEW PRICE = $9.99 / 15 Credits ($0.67 cents per remix)
Expire 30 Days after Purchase
Old Price = $19.95 / 30 Credits ($0.67 cents per remix)
NEW PRICE = $19.99 / 40 Credits ($0.50 cents per remix)
Expire 60 Days after Purchase
Old Price = $39.95 / 75 Credits ($0.50 center per remix)
NEW PRICE = $39.99 / 120 Credits ($0.33 cents per remix)
Expire 90 Days after Purchase
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The Coupon Code will be valid through February 4, 2018.

The Coupon Code will provide a 50% Discount Off your Total Purchase.
That’s $0.63 Cents (US) per Remix.

The Coupon can be used up to 5 times per User Account during Valid Dates.

A Minimum Total Purchase Amount of $5.00 (US) is required to use this Coupon Code.
Example: Select $5.00 in Remixes and Your Checkout Total = $5.00.  Now Enter the Coupon Code.   You will only pay $2.50 (US).

You cannot use Coupon Code to purchase Club Credits.

Be Sure to Visit Us at:

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Ratings & Reviews: Get FREE Remixes Ratings & Reviews

It’s simple.  If you have purchased Remixes at Remix Club, simply provide us with Your Ratings and Your Reviews (Good or Bad) and Earn FREE Remixes.

For Every 5 Ratings & Reviews submitted, you will Earn 1 FREE Club Credit toward your Membership.


  • You must have Purchased the Remix that you are Rating & Reviewing.
  • You must be a Member of Remix Club (Free to Join).
  • Free Downloads are excluded.
  • You must submit both Your Rating & Your Review.
  • Review submissions must be unique.  Any patterns of Copying & Pasting the same Review for each Remix will be disqualified.
  • Your Account will receive 1 Club Credit for every 5 Your Rating & Your Review submissions.  You will be contacted at the Email Address on file once the Club Credits have been added to your Account (generally within 10 Days or less).
  • This offer is currently valid through June 1, 2018.

So, give us your Feedback and Earn Some FREE Remixes!!!

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Maintenance Notice

Fixing Issue

Hello Everyone,

Today, we are investigating an issue reported that is related to: Unable to Checkout/Purchase Free Products.

We recently set a Minimum Order Requirement of $1.00 which is conflicting with the ability to purchase any Free Products.  Our Administrators are currently investigating the issue.

We will update this Post, once the issue has been resolved. Support Team