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Updated: July 2021 Summer Jam Contest Contest: Summer Jam July 2021

July Summer Jam Contest 2021   An Remix Club Contest.

**Check this page often for updates regarding the number of contest entries.  See below Comments section**

How it works?
Simple. Once you have made a purchase or multiple purchases during July 2021 of the amount $10.00 (US) or greater in remixes or Club Credits, you will receive 1 contest entry.

NOTE: Must be $10.00 or higher to be entered. Sorry, there are no FREE entries into this contest.

Your Entries:
You will be entered in the contest for every $10.00 (US) purchase(s) you make during the contest period.

Example #1: You make a single $50.00 (US) purchase, you will receive 5 contest entries.

Example #2: You make two separate $6.00 (US) purchases, on different dates, your total is $12.00. You will be receive 1 contest entry.

Example #3: You total remix and Club Credit purchases for July 2021 is $99.00. You will receive 9 contest entries.

Existing Club Credit Users:
Unfortunately, making purchases using your existing Club Credits will not enter you into the contest. You must make a new purchase of $10.00 or more in remixes and/or Club Credit plan during the Contest period to be entered.

The Contest Period:
The contest began on July 1, 2021 and ends on July 31, 2021 at 11:59PM PST.

First Place (US $300 value): 300 Club Credits, expire 12/31/2021.
Second Place (US $150 value): 150 Club Credits, expire 12/31/2021.
Third Place (US $50 value): 50 Club Credits, expire 09/30/2021.

An User Account can only receive one award.

Awarding Prizes:
Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded no later than August 10, 2021.

Contest Questions:
Send to:

2 thoughts on “Updated: July 2021 Summer Jam Contest

  1. Update: July 15, 2021 8PM PST.

    Total User Accounts with at least one (1) Contest Entry = 18

    Total Contest Entries = 61

    More updates to come.

  2. Update: July 27, 2021 8PM PST.

    Total User Accounts with at least one (1) Contest Entry = 42

    Total Contest Entries = 108

    More updates to come. Contest Ends on July 31, 2021.

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