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New Feature: Preview Remixes on Cover Images

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We added a New Feature:

You can now Preview remixes by simply clicking on the Play button on the cover image.  We hope this makes it much easier to listen to previews of each remix.

How it works?

  • Simply click on the PLAY button and it will load and play the remix preview.  NOTE: May take a few seconds to load and play.
  • Megamixes may take longer to load the preview.
  • Once the preview is complete, it will automatically play the preview of the next remix.
  • To stop auto preview play mode, simply click on the PAUSE button on the current remix playing or visit another page.
  • Currently only available on Search pages.  Feature may be added to the remix detail page in the future.
  • Excludes Music Video remixes.
  • This preview mode is not continuous when you navigate to another page.
  • This preview mode does not offer a forward/rewind option.
  • The standard 90 second preview remains on the remix detail page.


  • No more clicking on the cover image to listen to the remix preview.
  • Improved ordering process by adding previews to the search page (less clicks).
  • Auto preview play will help you discover more remixes.
  • Tested successfully on Chrome/Firefox/IE or Edge/Safari/iPhone/Android.

If you notice any issues or errors, please report to us: [email protected]