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How Club Credits Work?

How do Club Credits Work?

  1. Purchase Club Credits of your choice using PayPal.Club Credits on Remix Club
  2. Check your account and confirm that the credits appear.Club Credits on Remix Club
  3. Go shopping for Remixes and add them to your cart.Club Credits on Remix Club
  4. Proceed to checkout.Club Credits on Remix Club
  5. Select to Pay using your Club Credits.Club Credits on Remix Club
  6. Click & Download your remix.Club Credits on Remix Club
  7. Select to SAVE the file onto your local computer or device.  Be sure to save in a location where you can find the MP3 file.Club Credits on Remix Club
  8. That’s it.  Enjoy your new remix.


  • Once downloaded, it belongs to you.  Feel free to copy or move to another computer or device.
  • Feel free to rename the MP3 file.  Our naming convention is used for security purposes.
  • Using Club Credits saves you money.  Regular Price is $1.00 US per remiix, but using Club Credits it can be between $0.83 to $0.33 US per remix.
  • Keep in mind that based on which Club Credit package* you purchase, you have from 30 to 90 days to use your credits before they expire.  So you can use all your credits today, tomorrow, next week, or even next month*.
  • If you have questions or difficulty with Club Credits, please contact us at