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FREE Music & Videos for your New Year’s New Year's Free Gift

Enjoy these FREE Music & Video Megamixes for your New Year’s.  Download now.

FREE MUSIC MIXES (over 10 hours of music mixes):

EnjoyTheBEATZ 2019 Year End Hip Hop Mix

EnjoyTheBEATZ 2019 Year End Hip Hop Mix

"Strip Club Anthem #2" Take A Break Hip-Hop Mix S04E11

Take A Break S04E10 Soulful Beatz by

Take A Break S04E08 - Disco Mix by

EnjoyTheBEATZ 2018 Year End "New Years" Hip Hop Mix Part One 2017 Year End Hip Hop Megamix






FREE MUSIC VIDEO MIXES (over 1 hour of music video mixes): Take A Break Music Video Mix Take A Break Music Video Mix Take A Break Music Video Mix Take A Break Music Video Mix






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2017 Year End Sale 2017 Year End Sale

Get Your Remixes for the Holiday Season.  All Remixes are on Sale for $0.25 Cents.
Sale Prices Valid December 8-10, 2017
Minimum $1.00 Total Purchase. (That’s 4 Remixes for $1.00)

Club Credits are Excluded. PayPal purchases ONLY!
Save Your Club Credits, as you will NOT receive multiple (4-5) remixes per Club Credit.

So Get Out Your Roll of Quarters and Load Up on Remixes. 25 Cent Sale

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Black Friday Coupon Code for November 10-11, 2017 Black Friday Sale 2017 Black Friday Coupon 2017



  • The Coupon Code will be valid for two days: Friday & Saturday (November 10-11, 2017 PST).
  • The Coupon Code will provide a 40% Discount Off your Total Purchase.  That’s $0.75 Cents per Remix.
  • The Coupon can be used up to 3 times per User Account during Valid Dates.
  • A Minimum Total Purchase Amount of $5.00 (US) is required to use this Coupon Code.
    • Example: Select $5.00 in Remixes and Your Checkout Total = $5.00.  Now Enter the Coupon Code.   You will only pay $3.00 (US)
  • You cannot use Coupon Code to purchase Club Credits.

Be Sure to Visit Us Every Friday & Saturday for the next Coupon Code.  Find the Coupon Code at one or more of the following EnjoyTheBEATZ online locations: